A Georgia State Patrol trooper is asking for the community's help after he picked up a man Sunday night who was walking from Florida to Texas.

Sergeant Jeff Cain took a back road home Sunday last night after his shift, and on the way, he came across Andrew Morgan, who was walking along the side of Highway 86 in Treutlen County.

Cain pulled over to make sure the man was OK and asked Morgan what he was doing out this way. Morgan told him he was walking from Florida to Texas to meet up with a friend for a job.

Cain says he soon realized Morgan has some sort of mental and physical disability and he felt the need to help. He took Morgan to McDonald's and put him up for a night at the Super 8 motel in Dublin.

After he got Morgan set up, he posted on the Laurens County info page on Facebook asking the community to either donate supplies for Morgan or to help find resources where he could stay.

Several people donated to Morgan and they're hoping to get him a bus ticket to Texas if he chooses not to stay in Dublin.

But now he says Morgan needs more help than he can give.

"I would ultimately like to get him home, get him around his family at least where he has his siblings," Cain said. "But to get him into some type of long-term professional facility that could monitor him because I believe that his progression will worsen."

Morgan is staying at the Super 8 Motel in Dublin. Morgan says he wants to continue his journey to Texas, but hopefully by a bus, rather than walking.