MACON, Ga. — On Tuesday afternoon, Ferguson Park was quiet, but on Friday, that will change. 

“The event is called 'Water Wars' because we’re going to be using water guns to have a good time," says event organizer Nyke Hill.

Hill says he’s planning a big water gun fight for people in Warner Robins. The point is to put real guns down and pick water guns up.

“It’s to raise awareness for gun violence and all the violence that’s going on. It just seems like a fun way to bring the community together," says Hill.

He got the idea after seeing a video of an event in Atlanta. “I want to show everyone that the younger generations can come together without any incidents, just having fun," says Hill. 

And he’s not the only one. A group of young men in Macon is planning a water fight, too.

KJ Lott says he and his friends were inspired to plan a good, clean, fun water war for Macon after a street party shooting this month left several injured and two dead.

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“We don’t really have events like this in Macon where all ages can get together and have fun and show love to one another," says Lott.

Lott and his friends say there will be no weapons, no water balloons, no alcohol, and no drugs allowed at their event. 

Hill says he just wants to bring back “the good vibes” to Central Georgia.

“My mom used to bring me to this same park, so it’s like I remember times when the parking lot used to be full and the cars used to be going up and down Elberta, and I'll be thinking, 'Why don’t we have days like that no more?'" says Hill. 

The first "Guns Down, Water Guns Up" event is at Ferguson Park in Warner Robins this Friday from 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. It's free and also includes activities like kickball and water slides. 

water wars1

The Macon “Guns Down, Water Guns Up” event is happening at the end of the month on June 30th at Central City Park. It will be from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

water wars 2

The Macon event is also free, but the men planning it are asking for donations. If you would like to donate to help put the event on, click here.