It's not everyday that a Broadway performer drops in on a Bibb County classroom.

On Monday, Sasha Hutchings -- a cast member of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton -- visited her alma mater, Central High, for the first time in 10 years to teach students about performance and ways to express themselves.

"Time to take a shot! Time to take a shot," students sang as they learned the choreography to part of Hamilton.

That same message of prevailing is what Hutchings taught students.

"Learning to tell stories and being able to sing, act and speak and really create an entire world on stage became something I was very passionate about and it's really great to be able to sort of share that," said Hutchings.

Hamilton took home 11 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

"He did start our financial institution, he wrote a ton of stuff, was a huge founding father, but actually never became president," said Hutchings.

Hutchings divided the class into groups of four during her workshop.

She taught students how to express themselves though dance moves and each team created an 8-count to issues that are dear to their hearts, like police brutality, loving the skin you're in and studying in school.

"I never really did that type of dance, so it was something different that I wanted to try out so I really enjoyed her class," said senior Destiny Culler.

"I really got out of [it] how to really focus on each movement that you put into it because it really tells a story and [tells] you and your audience to feel how you feel when you're performing," said senior Alexis Jackson.

Behind these curtains can be a taste of the future Broadway has to offer.

"It's amazing to see these ideas that are very important to them and they get to choreograph and move and communicate those viewpoints through dance," said Hutchings. "It's fantastic to see such enthusiasm."