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Hamlin Hills in Forsyth needs your help in preserving agriculture history

Lee Hamlin wants to tell Central Georgia history through tractors, trucks, and other machines

MONROE COUNTY, Georgia — It's hard to miss Hamlin Hills as you roll by it just off I-75 in Monroe County.

Lee Hamlin is the owner. He's created an eclectic experience and he wants your help to expand on a living agriculture museum.

There you can soak in the sunflowers or peer at the pig, but what really stands out are the larger than life artifacts that dot the landscape like a crop duster or chopper from Vietnam.

"This piece of equipment is from 1920 and it was used to pull a cotton gin in Eatonton," said Lee while standing in front of a tractor.

He's got about 100 artifacts and you will find them in crazy places.

"It's kind of like what I can remember and what my ancestors did. I'm trying to rebuild it now and leave it for other people's future," he said.

He's tilling up the stories and putting placards on his historic things so kids and adults can pick up a bit of history. Believe it or not, there's room for a lot more, and that's where you come in.

"We have people come and tell us about the equipment they have," Lee said. "Some people will donate it and sometimes I buy it...so anything we can find, especially if it's from Georgia and Central Georgia."

He figures folks don't mind parting with nuts and bolts stuck in time because in a way they can find a second life at Hamlin Hills.

"I think they like the thought we're building history and preserving ag history and they want their piece to be here vs. in the back of their yard going to rust," he said with a smile.

You can contact them on their Facebook page here.


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