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'I've always had a love for animals': Woman fundraises to save animals

Sherry Mauldin wants to give back to Save Our Souls Animal Rescue and raise awareness for fostering.

HAWKINSVILLE, Ga. — One woman needs your assistance in helping our furry friends have a better life.

"I've always had a love for animals. At no fault of their own they're neglected, abused and thrown out," says Sherry Mauldin. 

Mauldin says she's taken care of stray animals her for her entire life, and she has always fronted all the bills.

In 2019, Mauldin found two stray kittens at a golf club and took to social media to find them a home. 

But representatives with Save Our Souls Rescue gave her an option she couldn't refuse.

"She was like if you can keep them for three or four weeks, we'll be happy to sponsor them, pay for any medical needs," Mauldin said.

She will be holding a golf tournament to not only give back but to also spread awareness for fostering. 

"Its $80 per player, $160 per team. We'll be providing lunch, and well be having door prizes as well as giveaways," Mauldin said.

Save Our Souls Founder Kerri Fickling says rescues are more full than they've ever been due to COVID-19. 

"Everyone was home. Everybody said 'oh its a good time to get a pet.' Now that their pets are full grown, they're wanting to return them," Fickling said. "Lot of times people who got pets didn't get them vetted. Now their pregnant having litters of puppies."

Now that shelters are dealing with more animals, many regular medical, food, and care expenses have increased. 

Fickling says fundraisers like the golf tournament will help tremendously. 

"A bag of dog food costs as everyone knows more than ever before. Anywhere from $30,$40,$50 for a decent quality puppy food. Vaccines have gone up in price. They're about $5 a piece and that's with us buying them wholesale and administering them ourselves," she said.

Mauldin says for years, she's cared for countless neglected and abused animals and it's our job to protect them. 

"If you see something say something. Even if you cant help, reach out," Mauldin said.

Want to help save dog lives? Take part in the tournament on Saturday, September 24 at Southern Hills Golf Club in Hawkinsville.

To sign up, call Southern Hills at (478) 783-0600. 

Save Our Souls Georgia Rescue also holds free Animal Food Pantry's. Their next one is Monday, August 22 and they encourage the community to come out. 


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