After a lot of rain this week, one Central Georgia man had to close his tattoo parlor for a few days after water came rushing into his shop.

For seven years, Dondal Denning has created masterpieces as a tattoo artist in Hazlehurst.

But on Monday morning, rain forced him to stop drawing for a few days.

His tattoo shop flooded and Denning says it’s not the first time that’s happened.

His shop has been flooded so many times that when he opened the door on Monday, he knew exactly what to expect.

“It flooded from the front door to the back door in a matter of 20 seconds. It was just full,” he said, “at least a tube sock high.”

The water destroyed several of his stereos and damaged pieces of furniture.

He says it took several days to clean up the shop and get it up and running again.

Denning says he’s reached out to the city several times about the issue, but little was done to fix it.

“They came out here and dug the drain, so why haven’t you been doing that all the time? Why isn’t there maintenance going on for storm systems,” he asked.

He says it takes only a little bad weather to create a lot of damage, and now he worries every time it rains.

A petition was started by people in Hazlehurst to help Denning, and he plans on attending the city council meeting Monday to try and resolve the issue.