Hephzibah Ministries made an announcement in January that they would be closing their doors and liquidating the 200+ acre property on Zebulon Road.

Hephzibah lost millions in revenue over the past several years when Georgia DFACS and the state Medicaid program pulled their funding.

In a Facebook message, the group said that the children that were still in their care would all be found homes.

Jennifer Lee, intake coordinator at Hephzibah Ministries, said over the phone that all of the children have been found homes as of February 6.

They are just in the process of placing them in those homes.

The Methodist Children’s Home on Pierce Avenue said that they are taking as many as five kids from Hephzibah.

Alison Evans, CEO of The Methodist Home said that one of the boys they have already taken is a wrestler.

“We're very excited to just be his new fans and help him stay engaged in that local high school,” said Evans.

She said that they are focusing on keeping kids close to home to make the transition a safe and easy process.

She has noticed that people in the community are trying to make it easy too.

“We’ve been blessed by a number of generous donations from folks in fact just the other day I received a check that said for the children you’re serving from Hephzibah,” said Evans.