Hephzibah has served the needs of children and families who are homeless, orphaned, abused, and neglected for 118 years on their 205-acre campus in northwest Macon. The campus is run in the the National Wesleyan Church located in Indiana.

On their campus, they conducted programs for substance abuse and emotional counseling.

As a teenager, Chris Donelson attended the Hephzibah Children’s Home. He said that he is grateful for his time there.

“I got myself into some trouble, and the state of Minnesota said either she needed to do something with me or the state was going to do something with me. My mom applied, and through the grace of God, I was put in that home and it was neat because it was something that changed my life for the better, made me the man I am today,” said Donelson

Tax records show that they've lost millions of dollars in revenue over the past five years. They lost funding from Georgia DFACS and the state Medicaid program that made it impossible for them to continue

In a public statement, Hephzibah's leaders said they want to liquidate their property. They have hired a commercial realtor to market their property and their buildings, which Bibb County tax records say is valued at more than $11 million.

And they said they plan to restructure their ministry to continue serving children and families in Bibb County, but not on Zebulon Road.