A 145-year-old freight depot in downtown Fort Valley is on a statewide list of historical places in peril.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation says the depot served as a key point for shipping farm and industrial products from Peach County.

However, it's been vacant for 30 years and fallen into neglect.

Bobby Barnes, Chairman of Fort Valley's Downtown Development Authority, says the city is raising money to move the depot across the street and restore it.

"It's only a positive for Fort Valley. We got an eyesore that's blight. Either we want to knock it down and get rid of it, or we need to move it over and take care of it," says Barnes

The deteriorating roof and old bricks reveal the age of the decaying building.

"Time is running out. It's almost now or never," says Barnes.

The city of Fort Valley's Downtown Development Authority says for the past 11 years, they've collected funds to save the freight depot and they have almost reached their goal.

"The main thing is to get the building moved and secured and dried and complete," says Barnes.

The city's goal is to raise $1.1 million to complete the project.

Barnes says the goal is to turn the depot into a transportation museum.

"It's a real big deal to move it, but surely they can get across the tracks in a day,