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Historic Ingleside Neighborhood Association plans fundraiser to get security cameras

Exact locations will be selected based upon crime data from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

MACON, Ga. — The Historic Ingleside Neighborhood Association is hosting a fundraiser on Sunday to buy security cameras for the neighborhood.

Sites will be prioritized and selected based upon crime data from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

For many people, their car represents their own private space, so imagine how that feels when that personal space gets violated.

Ivana Baker went to school here in Macon and came back 8 years ago to work.

"After I finished getting my hair done, I went out to get in my car and I saw that everything was taken out of the car and the doors were open," said Baker.

"So I ran back in -- it was dark -- and I ran back in and banged on the door because my beautician had locked the door. He came out and called the police, but they didn't do anything because there were no cameras," said Baker.

Baker says it's important to feel safe where you live.

"When people are in their home, they have like a sense of comfort, 'OK, I am home and I don't think anything is going to bother me.' Having a camera outside their home is great," said Baker.

Nancy White of the Historic Ingleside Neighborhood Association says they occasionally see problems with car break-ins in their neighborhood.

"A lot of time, it's near the holidays. I think a lot of neighborhoods across any city may experience that with cars parked on the street. Again, we get on top of it, we get with the sheriff's office, they increase patrols. It goes away for a while. Everybody's quiet, and then, it appears again, so we think security cameras are a real good intervention to get on the offense for that," said White.

Baker says placing cameras around Ingleside would help her and her neighbors feel more at ease.

"It would keep a lot of people safe because they would know that they could go out at night and be fine because there's a camera," said Baker.

The event, named 'Fall in Love With Ingleside,' will take place from 4-7 p.m. Sunday on Osborne Place.

There will be food trucks, live music, a wine raffle, and both silent and live auctions. Tickets are $15 per adult; under 18 are admitted free.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own beverages and lawn chairs. 

Tickets can be purchased via Venmo (@HINAMacon); by mail at P.O. Box 18174, Macon, Ga. 31209; or payment upon entering the event. 

Participants are encouraged to bring cash for wine raffle tickets, which are $5 each. The ‘winner takes all’ 60+ bottles of wine and must be present to win.

Proceeds for the event will go towards purchasing security cameras for the Ingleside neighborhood. 

The Historic Ingleside Neighborhood Association was established in 2019. It's mission is to advance the beauty of the neighborhood, elevate neighborhood security, and promote connection between its residents.

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