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Historic Macon aims to add Napier Heights to national historic registry

Historic Macon aims to add Napier Heights to the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Macon aims to add Napier Heights to the National Register of Historic Places.

Three weeks ago, The Department of Natural Resources gave Historic Macon approval to do more extensive research in the area.

72-year-old James Caldwell bought this house on Napier Avenue in 1989.

“The quality of the house and everything was here,” said Caldwell “I just fell in love with it. I came and looked at it and I just said, 'Oh, God, I got to have it.'”

Caldwell says he chose this house because of the great architecture and because Napier Heights’ has history. You can still see remnants of a streetcar line that once passed through the neighborhood.

“The architecture is really beautiful with all of the different type of craftsman-style homes. With Central High School here, AL Miller School, there are a lot of significant structures here that just tell a more inclusive piece of Macon's history,” said Hopkins.

Emily Hopkins, Special Events and Marketing Coordinator for Historic Macon, says that's why they're aiming to make this Macon's 15th Historic District. Hopkins says homeowners will benefit.

“Absolutely zero restrictions are placed on your property. It does not prevent demolition,” said Hopkins. “Mainly what it does is open up your property and makes it eligible for the preservation incentives.”

That could affect at least 500 homes, Once the Napier Heights district is approved, owners could apply for a tax credit to help pay for home repairs. Not all houses are fortunate -- some homes need a little love and care.

“I'm really concerned about these wonderful homes that really have become to sort of decay,” said Caldwell.

He's hoping this will credit can change the community he invested in.