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Historic Macon Flea Market offers timeless, interesting items for treasure-lovers

It's in a warehouse on Oglethorpe Street.

MACON, Ga. — It happens twice a year and this fall, promises to be a big event for treasure lovers.

Historic Macon is hosting their flea market this weekend.

Brian Luna says this event is the real deal.

"Macon, no fakin' -- we got it," he said.

Betty Sweet Ladson is no stranger to flea markets. She's worked as a volunteer, "Since the beginning of time," she said.

She and the other volunteers put in countless hours making it all happen.

"We come on Wednesdays throughout the year, and then when it comes close to 'showtime,' I call it, we come every day for about a week," she explained.

A lot of this stuff is timeless, and you'll have the chance to scoop it all up this weekend.

"They are old doctor's bags," Betty said holding up a vintage bag.

"You'd better bring some strategy," Brian said.

He also pointed out Macon maps, Cherry Blossom prints, and frames without prints.

"There is a lot of fun things to see. Each department definitely has its gold nuggets, of course. You've got the run-of-the-mill -- it's just zero to a hundred. It's just amazing," he exclaimed.

"I get so excited. I get to see stuff I never get to see, things that when people come in say, 'What is this?' and I don't always know, but I do know that they are special things that someone loved dearly," Betty said.

And now you can love them dearly.

The sale runs from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Saturday and 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. on Sunday.

They raised over $50,000 during the spring sale to go towards various projects that include the Beall's Hill and North Highlands neighborhoods.

They hope for the same totals this weekend, but don't worry -- 90 percent of the furniture, glass, toys, records, and holiday stuff is new.


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