MACON, Ga. — Down at the intersection of Third and Oglethorpe streets in Macon, you will see the historic Fire Hall No. 4.

Right now, construction crews are inside because Historic Macon bought the building and they plan to move their offices there.

Ethiel Garlington is the organization's executive director.

"We couldn't be happier," Garlington said with a grin.

Garlington says it makes sense that their organization would take over a building that dates back to the late 1800s.

"We think it's one of the oldest masonry fire halls in the state," he explained.

"Fire hall" is what we call fire stations today. Historic Macon has vintage photos that document the building from over a hundred years ago, and the guys had to use some pretty primitive equipment.

"So when this hall was built, they still used horse and buggies, so when you see the arched doorway, that's where the horse and buggy came though," Garlington said.

Now, Garlington says they will use the downstairs as a community room.

Upstairs where the firemen slept will become office space.

When Historic Macon broke out the checkbook, they paid about $135,000 for the 3,200-square foot property.

Garlington says it sat on the market for awhile before they stepped in.

"One of the roles we play in the community is when the private sector, when they're not ready to go into a certain spot, we try to step in and lead by example,"  Garlington said.

It's an example that sat vacant and forgotten by time, but now, 950 has a future and a purpose once again. 

The organization gave out numerous awards Wednesday night. Click on the Historic Macon link.

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