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Home Hacks: How to make multiple meals with food left in your fridge

Sheltering in place means people should only be going to the grocery store when necessary, which can leave people out of creative options come meal time.

MACON, Ga. — A shelter-in-place order means people should only be going out to the grocery store when absolutely necessary.

If there is still food in the refrigerator or freezer, that means it's time to get creative instead of running back out to the store.

Trevor Hagen is a chef and nutritionist in Macon. He has some advice on simple and healthy meals people can create at home with ingredients they already have. 

His number one recommendation is to make a bowl. He says it's a good go-to when there's food left in the refrigerator that may not necessarily make a full meal by itself. 

While making a bowl, he says start with a base of a grain, bean or lettuce, add a protein of your choice, and then build out the bowl. Hagen says people can make it their own with toppings, whether that's vegetables or whatever they choose. He says to top it off people should pick a sauce they like. To make the bowl healthier, he recommends people put as many whole foods and vegetables in as they can. 

Hagen also says during this time people may not be as active, so they can adjust the types of foods they're eating to keep them full longer.

"We're not burning as many calories, because we're not working out like we were," Hagen said. "Running outside isn't going to be quite the same as doing a workout at the gym, so we're scaling back on the carb intake and bump up the fat intake, so that just means you can have more satiating meals."

Hagen also recommends keeping a freezer stocked with frozen vegetables instead of canned ones for a healthier option to cut down on sodium intake. 

Hagen owns a meal prep business in Ingleside Village. They are open for business during the pandemic. 


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