Anna Parish and her husband adopted three kids from Bulgaria. Usually, the adoption process is very expensive and sometimes very time-consuming.

Though Parish loves her kids, her adoption process was different from others.

"For us, it was surprisingly fast. Adoption and fast are words that normally don't go together," Parish said.

Thanks to adoption, Parish said the kids brought her family closer together.

"So my husband and I have had infertility pretty much the whole time we were married, and all we ever wanted was a baby," Parish said.

They now have kids to call their own, and House Bill 159 will make adopting kids in Georgia more straightforward. Melissa Carter, who is the executive director of the Barton Child Law and Policy Center, gave background information on the bill.

"So the internet and other kinds of things have changed and tools are available, so we can create more tools of efficiency that led to one of the reasons why to update this code and things have been changed in this adoption bill that in some way facilitate and some ways are more adoption-friendly," Carter said.

Here some of the highlights from House Bill 159

  • A mother would only have 4 days to change their minds after giving up their child for adoption instead of what's now 10.
  • Adoptive parents can reimburse mothers for anything relating to the pregnancy if it is done through a lawyer or adoption agency.
  • You would no longer have to be a resident in Georgia for 6 months in order to adopt a child

And if these new rules take effect, Parish believes this would help more kids to be adopted.

"Limited care, lots of neglect, so coming into a family changed everything for them," Parish said.

House Bill 159 is expected to be signed into law.