The 2020 United States Census is still many months away, and Houston County is expecting to see its population climb once again.

According to the federal census website, Houston County has already grown about 40 percent since 2000.

Perry Mayor Pro Tempore Randall Walker said the growth is obvious.

"We've gone from about 9,000 to 17,000, so you can see the growth through the county," said Walker.

Everyone in the US is asked to respond to the census whether by mail, phone, or even through their new online option.

Over 95 percent of households will get their census instructions in the mail around mid-March 2020. The official count doesn't start until April 1st.

Houston County officials are already creating a plan to make sure everyone is counted.

The census analyzes local trends, consumer needs, and attracts new businesses.

One new business in Houston County is BurgerIM.

"In this location, there's not a lot of other restaurants around, so at lunchtime, the base people, they usually come in here and have a line at the door," said BurgerIM Manager Tavaris Banks.

Banks says the county's growth is one reason the chain decided to open the restaurant in February.

"It's really growing fast, I'm starting to see a lot more people," said Banks.

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