Just three weeks ago, Tropical Storm Irma swept through Central Georgia, leaving tons of damage in her path. Most of the damage is gone, but the work by first responders will not soon be forgotten.

Tuesday, Yvonne Thomas was there as Houston County leaders said, 'Thank you.'

Dozens of first responders parked their trucks for an hour break and attended a ceremony with their peers where they were the guests of honor. “It was an outstanding job by each and every person that had anything to do with the Irma response,” said Tommy Stalnaker, Houston County Commission Chair.

It's an honor that 78th Airbase Wing Vice Commander Sarah Krist holds with high regard. “Service is important, and for the last 23 years, it's been my honor,” said Krist. “It's all about making our community better, making our world better.”

She and dozens of others served during Hurricane Irma at Robins Air Force Base and across Houston County. One by one, police officers, linemen, and firefighters received recognition for being boots on the ground during the height of the storm.

Just three weeks ago, first responders blocked off dangerous roads and cleared downed trees and debris. Linemen restored thousands of power outages, and many deputies and police officers took evacuees to safe shelter.

It's these men and women that helped keep many safe and sound, but for those who served like Krist, they're not working for the reward. It's about stepping up and stepping out to help neighbors in need.

After the ceremony, dozens of first responders rushed out of the ceremony. heading back out to serve and continue Irma clean up.