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Houston County medical student helps deliver baby in backseat of car

In Houston County, a former paramedic stepped up to help deliver a baby in the backseat of a car.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — On Saturday, Jamie Bennett says she and her husband, Mason, called medical student Heather Dill to come pick up their toddler so they could go to the hospital. 

"Around 1:40, we decided to time them to see if they were coming close enough to go to the hospital," says Jamie Bennett.

The plans quickly changed once Bennett went into labor. Dill had to step in.

"We can either deliver the baby there and wait for an ambulance to come and get them or try and make it to the hospital, but either way, they weren't going to be able to get an ambulance to us before the baby was born," says Dill.

Heather Dill is a third-year medical student, like Mason Bennett, but she was previously a paramedic for 19 years.

Bennett says Dill is the reason William Thor Bennett was born healthy.

"Somewhere along Corder Road, at 2:22, the baby was born. Heather said, 'The baby is born,' checked the time. We got to the hospital four minutes later," says Mason Bennett.

For Dill, she says although she's had the experience of delivering a baby in an ambulance, this time was much different.

"You're only as good as your tools, and it doesn't matter how many years I've been a paramedic, I have nothing. I don't have an OB kit, I can't suction this baby's mouth and nose to get him to breathe, and so I was trying to go through it in my head, what can I do to use to help suction," she says.

Once they got to the hospital, nurses said baby Thor weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and was 20 inches long. The Bennetts say they were just glad she was there.

"I was really nervous. I was grateful Heather was there because she had all her experience. I was worried that if it had just been me and Jamie, it would've been different," Mason Bennett says.

Now, they say he's home, healthy, and enjoying big brother Eli.

The baby's father, Mason, is also a third year medical student. He and Dill are doing their rotations at Houston Medical Center.

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