Houston County commission was in session Tuesday morning. The big topic on the agenda was the county's finances, and according to Houston County Board of Commissioners Chairman Tommy Stalnaker, the numbers are good.

"Houston County's total assets still exceed its total liabilities by $321.6 million," said Stalnaker.

That means the county's assets outpace what it owes by more than $300 million.

Stalnaker said the county's reserve can keep the government running for more than 7 months.

He says that success is partly because of frugal department heads.

"Every department coming in at or under the budget for the year, that is outstanding," said the chairman.

But he said those in charge aren't the only ones who deserve credit.

"It's not just the department heads, it's not just the elected officials, it's all employees for Houston County," he said.

And those employees might be working for the same man the next four years.

"I can tell you much has been done since 2011," said the chairman. "But much has to be done in the next four years, and I am prepared to lead the county for the next four years."

If elected, it will be his third term at the head of county government.

According to the Houston County Board of Elections, the election will be held May 22nd.