People had time to prepare for the incoming cold weather and snow, and that meant Houston County hardware stores had their hands full.

Clothes, home goods, and propane seemed to be the big items this cold snap.

Stores around here say demand has been high this week, leading to at least one sellout.

Jeannie Shell says her three kids were up at 6 Wednesday morning to watch the snow come down.

And mom says they had no plans to slow down.

“They want to build a snowman and I don't know how well that'll turn out, but, you know, we'll see. I think they want to be out here all day,” Shell said at Fountain Park.

But as kids across the County had fun in the snow, adults were preparing for the weather.

Ace Hardware on Watson Boulevard sold out of hundreds of pounds of ice melt Wednesday morning.

Just a few blocks down the road, Chuck's Gun and Pawn Shop has been getting calls from customers.

“We get a lot of calls for cold weather clothing, you know, like real thick jackets and, you know, we've got some hoodies and other stuff,” said Clayton Williams.

Williams said their store has sold about 500 hand warmers this year and about 50-60 knit hats this week.

But Williams says overall, it wasn't that bad to manage.

“Traffic was actually a little bit low this time compared to other times,” Williams said.

At the Houston Hardware and Garden Center, they've been selling a lot of propane. Normally, they average about 100 gallons a day, but this week, it's been 400 gallons a day.

Owner Tom Williams says that's not all.

“There's one thing we ain't sold, is no skis, because we just run out! But now, we sell a lot of the faucet covers for outside faucets. We have a couple of different types,” Williams told us smiling.

The store has sold more than 200 faucet covers along with firewood and insulation for pipes. So while the snow melts and the kids play, adults are having to pay.