Thanksgiving is that one time of year you get to dig into your favorite foods and not feel guilty about it right?

Well, after waking up from your turkey coma you may find yourself wondering, "how much did I just eat?"

Nicole Butler went to the gym to see how people are working off those extra calories.

Just getting into the gym can be half the challenge, especially on Thanksgiving!

"I won't count calories I don't count calories. I'm not going to sit there and make two to three plates just cause it's good anymore. I just like to eat 'til I'm full and quit," Bill Holt says.

According to research done by the Calorie Control Council, a typical Thanksgiving dinner alone can carry over 3,000 calories. And with drinks and dessert, you're looking closer to 4,500 calories!

That was enough to motivate Holt to come to the gym early because coming after the meal was out of the question.

"Well you probably feel real fat and lazy and don't want to do anything. You just want to take a nap and turn on the TV and take a nap which I may do that after I eat today, but I would've already worked out," Holt laughs.

According to USA Today, it would take 9 hours of walking, 5 hours of jogging or 4 and a half hours of jumping rope to work off that delicious meal!

Those goals aren't very realistic, but Lynne Bowman says making a workout routine is.

"Just keep moving keep going even if it's for a short period of time it's better than nothing at all. Sometimes you get 30 minutes sometimes you get an hour and a half so always keep trying and keep going," Bowman says.

So, whether it's hopping on the stair master or lifting weights, she says being active a couple of times a week, even on holidays, can soon turn into a lifestyle.

The Calorie Control Council says some ways to help with the higher calories is taking a walk with the family after eating or even cooking low-fat foods.