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How much do college students spend moving into dorms?

Some families spend as much as $700, but here are some ways to keep the costs down

First-year college students are making sure everything is ready before they move out and into their own place, but you might be surprised how much students spend to get their room set up.

However, there are some corners you can cut to keep more green in your pocket.

"The biggest thing was getting a futon, because you really want a space where a friend can come," Samantha Dupre said.

Dupre, a junior at Georgia College, says setting up her room the first year cost her a lot of money.

"With everything included [it cost] probably around $400," Dupre said.

Larry Christenson with University Housing says students sometimes spend even more going above and beyond with decorating.

"A few years ago when we asked students and parents how much they typically spend, those going to Wal-Mart said between $400-700," Christenson said.

But if you're not trying to drop that kind of dough, Christenson recommends using items you already have at home or just sticking with the bare necessities.

"Bring all of your school supplies or whatever and talk to your roommate in advance because many times you and the roommate are able to figure out who is going to bring the refrigerator, or you're going to cut the cost in half," Christenson said.

You can also save cash by buying items from a thrift store and staying away from flashy decorations that are likely to be more expensive.

Christenson says leaving the moving truck at home saves cash too.

"The reality is we know families are coming with two or three vehicles or probably the big truck, but when they get here, they end up taking a lot of it home with them, because they realize they do not need it or there's no room for it," Christenson said.

For Dupre, she says even though moving in is expensive, it's worth it.

"I go in and something catches my eye, and then I end up spending a little bit of money, but not near as much as other students," Dupre said.

The National Retail Federation said families will spend more than $900 sending their kids to college this year.

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