The Georgia Bulldogs are coming off a big SEC championship win from over the weekend, and now it’s on to the Rose Bowl.

For the first time since 1943, the Dawgs will travel to Pasadena, California and take on the Oklahoma Sooners to try and earn a spot in the National Collegiate Football Championship.

But how many UGA fans will also make the trip, and how much will it cost them?

Grant Capps, Doyle Wallace, and John Hurt are Mercer Medical School students and recent UGA grads.

“The lowest we’re seeing is $275 plus probably $50 in fees,” says Capps.

While the trio prepared for finals on Monday, they took a study break to see how much it would cost them to get to California.

“Dawgs on the west coast -- this doesn't happen often,” says Hurt.

It’s been nearly 75 years since the Dawgs made a run for the roses, and UGA fans are champing at the bit to get back to Pasadena.

“This is an adventure. I could almost see myself doing it just for the story,” says Capps.

There’s just one roadblock.

“It’s outrageously expensive," says Capps.

According to the UGA ticket office, the face value of a Rose Bowl ticket is $175, but they're going for much larger prices on sites like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

And don’t forget about travel expenses.

“If we drove from Macon to Pasadena, that’s 33 hours, 2,249 miles," says Capps.

The University of Georgia is offering travel packages through, ranging from $925 to more than $2,600. Some don’t include airfare.

Monday afternoon, roundtrip flights on airlines like Southwest at Delta appeared to be about $1,000 per person from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

But for some UGA fans, the price might just be worth it.

“Dawgs taking it to the house, winning in Pasadena, coming back and winning a national championship in Atlanta is priceless," says Hurt.

The Rose Bowl will kick off on Monday, January 1st at 5 p.m. ET.