Theresa Hugley has been the president of King Park's neighborhood watch program for the last 15 years.

"I love King's Park. I raised my children here, I have three children and I raised them here, so King's Park is me," Hugley said.

Bibb County Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Judy Gordon says crime has decreased in the neighborhood over the last seven years since the last fatal shooting.

Hugley says they've shifted focus elsewhere.

"The only think that we are concerned of now is the traffic. The drug traffic, it seems to be picking up a little more, but we have reported that to the drug task force," Hugley said.

And Gordon says what helps the most is getting people to report what they see.

"The deputies cannot be everywhere. They cannot be throughout the community, so we need the neighborhood watch to be the eyes and the ears for the Bibb County Sheriff's Office," Gordon said.

Hugley said oftentimes, people don't report crimes because they're scared of retaliation.

"We try to comfort them in saying that you don't have to give your name when you call the Sheriff's Department, just tell them where the activity is happening," Hugley said.

Bibb County currently has 85 neighborhood watch programs, and their meeting times vary.

King's Park meets every third Wednesday of the month in their community center on Kingston Court.

If you are interested in joining or starting a neighborhood watch group, contact Judy Gordon at 478-447-9763.