During hot summer months, air conditioning units become your best friend.

Flint Energies' Marian McLemore has ways for your AC unit to work less and keep more money in your pocket, starting at the most obvious place -- your thermostat.

"You want to set your thermostat to 78 degrees," says Marian.

She says that any degree below that, adds extra charges to your bill. There are better ways to cool off in your home that are right above your head.

"You actually feel the coolness of a fan much more than if your air was set at 74 degrees."

Marian says that completely shutting off your AC causes heat to stick to furniture, walls, and floors around the house. making the AC unit work double to re-cool everything.

Heating water is also a huge chunk of your bill.

"If you can set your water heater at 120 degrees, you'll actually save significant savings or have significant saving on your energy bill."

The best light bulbs to use are LED, because they don't add extra heat.

Energy saving always makes a full circle back to the AC unit.

"Make sure there's no trash or anything that could be hindering optimal operation."

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