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How to 'self rescue' if your kayak flips

If you're kayaking and canoeing this summer, this is how you save yourself in case you flip over.

Around this time of year, kayaking and canoeing are popular summertime activities.

But if you fall out of your boat, it can be quite dangerous if you don't know how to get back in.

Kayaks are lightweight, about 60-70 pounds. They're made to sit on top of the water so it can flow easily along with the current, but because of this, it's easy to flip if you're not experienced.

There are a number of ways your kayak can flip, but most times, it's from people sticking their head over the side, which causes uneven weight distribution.

You can get your paddle caught up underneath the boat or you can get caught on a rock and the current can tip it over.

Kayak expert Kathleen O'Neal from Ocmulgee Expeditions demonstrated how to 'self rescue' if your kayak flips over.

"Hold onto your paddle, get back near your boat and flip it back over so it's upright. Then climb back in. Use a scissor kick to throw yourself up onto the boat. Then once you're on to the boat, roll over so that you're sitting upright, grab your paddle and go," she said.

Neal also instructed that when you get into a kayak, always remember to go bum first then swing your legs forward. That way, your bottom anchors your weight so you have more control when you bring your legs inside.

Always remember before you go kayaking to wear the proper river shoes and always wear a life jacket.

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