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Howard High School grad sells her paintings to pay for college

Ava Lauer is selling her paintings to pay for her college expenses at SCAD. Her work sells for anywhere from $40 to $500.

MACON, Ga. — A Howard High School graduate is using her artistic talents to help pay for college.

Ava Lauer is selling portrait paintings to pay for her college expenses at The Savannah College of Art and Design.

Lauer is a Howard High School 2020 graduate and she starts classes at SCAD in the fall.

"Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I try to sell my art," she said. "Entirely, I hope to put them towards college."

Lauer says she specializes in portraits of famous people, but she's taking other requests too.  

"I just got one for somebody's pets. I got one recently about Marilyn Manson," she said.

So far, Lauer says she has sold about six paintings. 

"I did a lot for AP Art this year," she said.

Last year, Lauer says she sold an 8" by 10" sized portrait for $40.

Earlier this year, she sold a 24" by 36" painting of David Bowie for $500.

"Recently, when I sold the David Bowie, my teachers said .... 'Oh. That's easily going for $500 at least," Lauer said. "Which was so shocking to me."

She says the money she made off of that painting completely covered all of her expenses for housing next semester.

"It's been racking in more money than usual lately," she said. 

Lauer is currently taking commissions for paintings and she's trying to sell as many as she can before leaving for college.

But she says customers aren't the only thing she's looking for before she heads off to college. 

"If anyone's reading this story and they plan on going to SCAD in Atlanta in the fall, I am still looking for roommates and I'm constantly looking for commissions," she said. "Don't be afraid to hit me up."

Right now, Lauer has a small painting of Slash from Guns N' Roses and two 24" by 36" paintings available for purchase — one of Kurt Cobain and another of Dolly Parton. 

To inquire about a painting, contact her at (478) 972-2445 or reach out to her on Instagram at @avala.u.


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