Latasha Gerard and her husband Rinardo gave their daughter the best story behind her name.

"He was like, 'Well, me and the girls thought about Storm because, you know, look what's going on around us,' and I was like, 'Well, you know what? That's not a bad idea,' so we named her Storm Amelia Gerard," Gerard said.

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Just before Michael raged through Central Georgia, Storm was brewing at Coliseum Hospital in Macon.

"Hurricane Michael, which became a tropical storm in Macon, I actually had a C-section that was scheduled for October 10th," Gerard said.

At 7:38 that morning, she gave birth to her baby girl, Storm. So far, she's living up to her name.

"Very active, eyes are open unlike my twins and my 11-year-old, so she's very active, very alert," Gerard said.

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Unfortunately, this wasn't Gerard's first rodeo with a hurricane, and her first time wasn't as pleasant.

"Katrina brought me here a few years ago. We got out right in time, actually -- two days before the storm," Gerard said.

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She's from Louisiana but moved to Central Georgia 13 years ago when Katrina hit. Her oldest twin daughter were just a year old.

"My home still stands. It was a family home. Just roof work needed, that was pretty much it, but my family, friends, everybody, we're good. Just like minor damages to homes," Gerard said.

Now thanks to Storm, Gerard can look back on this hurricane experience as a blessing.

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