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'I hope that it can come back': Natural spring in Hawkinsville closes due to drought

Mock Springs in Hawkinsville is closed because of low water levels

HAWKINSVILLE, Ga. — With the intense heat of the summer, you usually want to jump in the pool, go to the lake or perhaps a water park or splash pad. However, in Hawkinsville, the big question at one popular cool-off spot is, "Where did all the water go?"

Howard Vaughn manages the Mock Springs. He says the family who created the swimming hole split it from the nearby creek decades ago.

"It's been real prosperous over the '50s, '60s, and '70s. There's been a lot of people that come down here," Vaughn said.

From late night swims, slip-and-slides, and people simply cooling off, the fun has vanished. Vaughn noticed the water levels were getting low last Wednesday. He says the water is usually shared with nearby farm crops.

"We keep just adjusting the water level by stopping the overflow because the spring, when it's operating, puts out so much water so we can control up or down, but then it got to the point that it wasn't doing that."

One woman lives down the road from the natural spring. She said she used to go to the natural springs as a kid. When she drove by it, she was sad the water was gone.

"I hope that it can come back eventually and the kids growing up right now can be there and enjoy it like we did when we were kids," she said.

Vaughn said the water is pumped from the same aquador the swim hole and farm crop use. He says the farms pump more water, which is part of the reason why the water levels are low. Along with little rain in the area, the swimming hole fell into a drought. He's talked with city leaders about water regulations and hopes to open again because it's a popular place for the community of Hawkinsville can go to.

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