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'I make it go where people are smiling': Strolling piano gets groovy at Georgia National Fair

The Strolling Piano can be seem rocking and rolling down the midway.

PERRY, Ga. — Whether you're stuffing your face with funnel cake or munching down on a turkey leg, you may hear the tunes of one of your favorite songs rolling down the midway.

"I make it go where people are smiling usually," Randall Branham said.

Branham is the using his musical fingers to make the mechanical piano move. He says he started playing piano at the age of 6.

"My dad didn't want me to take piano lessons and my mom did. I started for a little while and my dad found out about it and he installed a lock on the piano."

Brahman says that made him want to play the piano even more. He got started with The Strolling Piano after playing in a restaurant with other musicians out of Orlando, Florida. He says they saw him play.

"I was one of the people they contact to start playing and that was about 5 years ago," Branham said.

The Strolling Piano is fully mobile piano that moves around on a four-battery. Branham wouldn't tell 13WMAZ the secret to who actually operates the 88-key machine.

"Obviously, we've got motors inside and I make it go where people are smiling usually," Branham said.

Braham makes his own music and does two to three shows a month with the piano company. The company also has residency at Disney Springs and plays at other fairs, too. He says being at the fair where people are active makes the job enjoyable.

"If you're playing like a love song people get a little than they were were arm in arm. If you play an upbeat song you see families dancing with their kids. People are taken a back like, 'How is this thing moving? This is not just a piano player, it's this thing is going through. It's like a a parade of it's own,'" Branham said.

You can see Branham and the other pianist Blake Guyre at this years fair.

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