Dr. Kristopher "Kricket" Davis is a new addition to the family of physicians over at Coliseum Medical Center.

"I've just been here a few months, but its been a positive experience so far. The people have been the best part," Davis said.

However, his story with the hospital goes back more than just a few years.

"I was delivered here at Coliseum Medical Center back in 1983," Davis said.

Of course, it was only appropriate that he begin his rotation in the hospital's OBGYN.

His residency experience got even better when it came full circle here at Coliseum Health's labor and delivery center just a few days ago.

"Coincidentally enough, I'm the first resident, I believe, ever to deliver a baby," Davis said. 

He says it's moments like delivering a child that make him realize he's right where he's supposed to be.

"There's definitely a lot of excitement. It's a happy time, but you also want to make sure you're doing everything right and that everything goes well," Davis said.

"Especially coming from that emergency medicine background, that's the thing I like anyway is that fast-paced environment," Davis continued.

A fast-paced environment is exactly what Davis will get as he continues his first rotation in the OBGYN.

"You're literally delivering the next generation of doctors," Davis said.

But he gets the unique experience to practice in the place where his life began.

Davis says his next rotation will be in anesthesia.

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