Thursday was a beautiful day at Coleman Hill. The snow has melted and the birds are chirping.

But that's not how Tammy Ratzken remembers her time at the park last Friday.

"He pulled the gun out, he said, 'You're taking too long, you're gonna get us noticed,'" said Ratzken.

She says a gunman stole her car and everything in it, including her purse and ID. Still, Ratzken says things could have been worse.

"I was grateful he didn't shoot me," said a tearful Ratzken. "There was two times when I was talking to him that he looked like he was gonna hurt me."

The sheriff's office says it all happened at Coleman Hill just steps from Mercer Law School, making this the fourth violent crime on or near one of Mercer's campuses in the past week.

Last Tuesday, a Mercer student was robbed in a bathroom at Tattnall Square Park. Wednesday night, a gunman opened fire on students at Mercer village. Nobody was injured. Friday, Ratzken was carjacked, and on Sunday, another person was robbed in a Tattnall Square Park restroom.

"In my 18 years at Mercer, I've not seen a 5-day stretch like that where you've had 3 unrelated incidents happen in that kind of proximity, it's just, it's extraordinary," said Mercer Senior Vice President Larry Brumley.

Mercer Senior Vice President Larry Brumley was just talking about the Mercer Village and Tattnall Square Park incidents.

The park and Coleman Hill are part of the Macon Bibb Sheriff's Office's jurisdiction, not Mercer Police's. Still, Brumley says school police have increased patrols in the areas around campus and are working to improve safety.

"The number of incidents we have at Mercer are few and far between, but even one incident is too many for us. Our goal is to have no incidents," said Brumley.

Brumley says the school is streamlining its emergency alert system, adding security personnel and making better use of its hundreds of video surveillance cameras.

Sheriff David Davis says all the crimes are unrelated.

He added that his office, along with Mercer PD, has deployed additional resources to the areas.