This week, a group of volunteers traveled more than 800 miles to help rebuild a home for a mother and four children. Yvonne Thomas learned why this mission trip is one the volunteers look forward to every year.

It's service with a smile for these volunteers. Volunteers like Scott Ahlgrim come back year after year, serving a family that he's never even met. “We didn't just make a house for someone, we made a home,” said Ahlgrim. “It's our third year working with The Fuller Center for Housing. You know, it's easy to sit in church and say, 'We should do this,' or, 'We should do that,' but it means a lot more to get some place and actually do God's work.”

This home is for the Howard family. “It's three boys and one girl. The mother works very hard, but she has a child with special needs, and they're in the hospital right now,” said Dianne Fuller, Executive Director of the Fuller Center for Housing.

And because the Howard family can't help with the repairs, these 27 volunteers are filling in the gaps. “We're putting a new roof on the house. We're renovating the kitchen, putting in new cabinets, and also renovating the bathroom,” said Fuller.

For Ahlgrim, building this home is putting his faith in action and 'building a better world, one home at a time.' “It's just showing that people care for them, and that's so important as well,” said Ahlgrim.

Over the last 17 years, the volunteers have served in southern Mississippi and Louisiana. Fuller says the new home in Macon should be ready for the family this April.