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'I'm worried': Georgia College students prepare for extended spring break

Friday, Georgia College students are wrapping up classes as they prepare for a spring break that will be longer than usual.

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Monday, March 16 is the start of spring break for students at Georgia College. Now, students are being asked to stay away from campus until March 29.

"Yeah, I'm worried. I was just in class, the girl next to me was coughing. She almost coughed out a lung," says senior Funaya Ojiagbaje.

For Georgia College, these next two weeks will be much different than their normal spring break.

"I think just in terms of the rhythm of going to class, doing work, maybe that's broken up a little bit. That throws me off a little bit," says senior Jonathan Williams.

On Thursday, university president Steve Dorman announced that the Bobcats will have an extended break, giving students two weeks off instead of the normal one week.

Seniors Jonathan Williams and Funaya Ojiagbaje say they're concerned about how this may affect graduation in May.

"You do 4-5 years of college and walking, receiving that diploma, that's fulfillment of all the work you did. Not getting to do that honestly doesn't feel good, feels slighted, like a slap in the face," says Williams.

"They not fixing to play with my degree. I did my job, I come to class on time, complete my assignments on time," says Ojiagbaje.

For now, Williams says he'll enjoy his break and adjust to any teaching plans that may come.

"I'm hoping that we get to come back to campus at some point. I'll be OK from taking classes online," says Williams.

Campus officials emphasize that at this point, they are not requiring students to move out of campus housing for the rest of the semester.

The university will keep posting COVID-19 updates on its website.

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