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Ingleside neighbors come together to find a safe home for wandering pig

A black pot-belly pig had been wandering around the neighborhood near Ingleside and Pierce avenues for at least two weeks according to neighbors.

MACON, Ga. — Ingleside neighbors came together this month to help trap a wandering pig this weekend.

A black pot belly pig had been wandering around the neighborhood near Ingleside and Pierce avenues for at least two weeks according to neighbors. 

Becky Angelo posted frequently to her Facebook page to ask for help trapping the pig. She says she first saw it on October 19. 

"I took an alternate route home this day and saw the pig rooting around on a hill between the Lutheran Church located at the corner of Ingleside and Pierce," she said.

None of the neighbors 13WMAZ spoke to know where the pig came from or if it had a previous owner, but people say the pig had been wandering around for at least a month. 

"I could not stand the thought of this pig getting hit by a car and being injured or killed. I was also concerned that due to the amount of traffic -- just the sighting of a pig in this residential neighborhood -- could cause someone to get distracted and have a wreck," Angelo said. 

Over two attempts were made to catch the pig safely, when Angelo reached out to a Don Sullivan of Warner Robins who had a trap big enough to catch the pig. 

"After getting permission from the Lutheran Church - He set his huge trap at 5 a.m. Saturday morning, October 29. He and I monitored the trap throughout the day," Angelo said. 

She said it took some time as several people interfered with the trap but after putting a sign out asking the community to leave it alone, they eventually caught the pig on Oct. 30 around 11 a.m. 

"I have a devoted passion for animals and I am driven to help when they are in need. I knew this pig needed help and my efforts were failing. Knowing that my plea to Don Sullivan to trap her prevented any possible suffering of this animal has certainly made my weekend," Angelo said.

Judy Sjoquist is a secretary at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer near where the pig was caught.

She says the pig would often come and eat the cat food they left out for the strays during its wandering tour of the neighborhood. 

Sjoquist is glad the animal is safe. 

"He's just the cutest little thing, and if I was younger, I probably would have taken him -- he was cute," she said. 

The pig has been affectionately named Vinnie and is living on a farm owned by Cassidy Mims and her family. 

Angelo says he has his own stall at the moment with a warm place to sleep and all the food and water she desires.  


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