"People have known this area for peaches and pecans, we're very happy to add tomatoes and cucumbers to that," says Chris Veillon, the chief marketing officer for Pure Flavor.

The company is based in Ontario, Canada, and Veillon says they're ready for the "Georgia Grown" label on their cucumbers and tomatoes.

The sprawling greenhouse in Peach County is the first investment in the U.S. It's also their largest investment at $105 million.

"We are a 'Georgia Grown' partner so we make sure the 'Georgia Grown' brand is on top of all our packaging so consumers know when they see that 'Georgia Grown' product, it's grown in the state," says Veillon.

This greenhouse allows for tomatoes and cucumbers to be grown in the dead of winter. They normally only grow in the spring and summer.

So how is it done? A perfectly controlled environment is the key, Veillon says. And that's why it's not open to the public. "Controlled environment means we control the actual amount of water, heat, and integrative pest management."

Also part of the controlled environment is having the water recycled and not using soil for the fruits.

"We don't grow in soil or peat moss or dirt, it is a recycled coconut husk. It's very, very rich in nutrients and retains the water," points out Veillon.

This is only phase one of the project and Veillon says there will be more jobs to come as construction continues. "To date, we have a little over 100 local people who are employed here at the farm. Whether it be here actually working in the crops or in the production facility to pack the product and ship to our retail partners."

Soon, you'll see Pure Flavor, Georgia Grown labels from this greenhouse in a produce section near you.