MACON, Ga. — When you go into a public bathroom, you never know what to expect. 

A group of high school seniors decided to check out different bathrooms around Macon, making their observations, then sharing them with the public. 

"Macon Bathroom Reviews -- We use bathrooms so you don't have to," that's their motto. The group created an Instagram account to get the word out about the best and worst places in town to do your business, but why?

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"We'll take one for the team. Bathrooms, most of the time, are pretty terrible, so if you know which ones suck, then you never have to go to those," says co-founder Noah Fenimore. 

They rate bathrooms out of ten points-- based on looks, cleanliness, layout, and utilities available. Don't worry, ladies -- there's a critic that handles the woman's room. 

"I'm a very germ-conscious person. Anything I don't have to put my hands on I appreciate," says Riley Davis. 

The bathroom reviewers created the Instagram in January, bringing in 900 followers. They say followers find it useful. 

"Somebody we know was at Kohl's specifically because he's knows they have a good bathroom, and they have a good bathroom. It's the bathroom we've rated the highest," says Stephen Grubb. 

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Once these seniors graduate, what happens to Macon Bathroom Reviews? 

"To be determined. I might have Atlanta bathroom reviews, I might do Milledgeville reviews -- it's not a bad idea," says the group. 

For now, they keep Macon informed on the best and worst pit stops around town. The people behind Macon Bathroom Reviews say they have a strong following on the account, but they're looking to grow that number. If you're interested in following them, the Instagram handle is @maconbathroomreviews.