We are taking a closer look at what Georgia law says about where car seats should go and how to properly install one. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for small children to be injured or worse in these accidents. According to Safe Kids Georgia, more than 2,600 children under the age of 13 are involved in a car crash every day. That is one child every 33 seconds.

The roads can be a dangerous place for children even in a car seat. In 2014, three children were killed and 458 were hurt every day in the U.S.

"If you can move the car seat more than an inch, it's not tight enough. I can't move that more than an inch,” explains Chief Jason Jones with the Centerville Fire Department.

That is why it is important to know how to strap your kids in correctly. Jones says you can use the seat belt method or the latch method.

"Take that clip and you're going to put it on that indicator bar down there,” demonstrates Jones.

If you are using the latch method, he says make sure it is attached at the back of the seat and at the head rest, also making note that the car seat is not touching the back of the chair and is leveled.

"You have to make sure that it matches up in the level indicator. In rear-facing for an infant, they have to be at the proper angle. If the car seat was wedged up against here like so, this seat is not going to be able to give,” says Jones.

But he says it is also important to know where the car seats are safest to install in the car.

"You never want to put a child rear face, especially in the front seat of a vehicle. The only time you can put a child in the front seat of a vehicle is if you have a pickup truck with no back seat,” says Jones.

He says when everything is strapped in nice and tight, if your car seat is not installed correctly, anything can happen.

"One thing wrong with a car seat can mean life or death for the child, and we don't want that, you know,” says Jones.

He says legally children have to be in a car seat up to the age of 8. No children can sit in the front seat before the age of 13, but it can also depend on your child's weight and height.

Remember, you can go to Safe Kids Georgia or Georgia Highway Safety to get more tips on how to correctly install your child's car seat.