Odds are most of you can't make it to South Korea to see the Olympic games, but you can still travel 'around the world' right here in Central Georgia.

13WMAZ's Suzanne Lawler is making her away around Central Georgia this month visiting various restaurants that offer up international cuisine.

She went to Chico and Chang's Friday morning, a restaurant on Riverside Drive in Macon that serves up Korean cuisine.

Owner, Nin Chang is from South Korea. "I came to the United States when I was 13," she said.

Before coming to the United States, she lived in Seoul, which is the capital city of South Korea.

Friday's featured dish from Chico Chang's was a rice bowl, which is integral to South Korean culture.

Chang says the rice bowl is a very common dish in South Korea.

The rice bowl starts with rice and a protein, which was bulgogi. Bulgogi is a barbeque beef very popular in South Korea. The beef has a sweet flavor.

The bowl also contained carrots, spinach, sprouts with spicy radish, mushrooms and zucchini.

Chang says she is excited for the Olympics.

"I love the Olympics, it's a great sports event that gathers all the athletes from around the world," she said. "I hope there is more curiosity in South Korean food, and people will have a little more exposure to the cuisine itself."

Next Friday, join Suzanne Lawler at 6 AM for a visit to La Bella Morelia, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Macon.