Odds are most of you can't make it to South Korea to see the Olympic games, but you can still travel 'around the world' right here in Central Georgia.

13WMAZ's Suzanne Lawler is making her away around Central Georgia this month visiting various restaurants that offer up international cuisine.

She went to La Bella Morelia Friday morning, a restaurant on the corner of Poplar Street in downtown Macon.

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German Marin runs the restaurant and showed Suzanne how to prepare cactus.

"We have a lot of vegetarians downtown that love to eat this, Marin said.

First we get the leaf and we take the thorns and peel them off and then we slice it put it on stove cook it season it and then we chop tomatoes cilantro and onions, and then you can have it on tacos, sopas or burritos, " Marin said.

This is only one of the authentic items on the menu.

"Well we sell cow tongue, it tastes like beef stew but softer," Marin said. "We also do tripe which is stomach lining and we've had some customers that are scared to try that but once they try stuff like this chances are they're really going to like it."

Next Friday, join Suzanne Lawler at 6 AM for a visit to Pho Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant on Riverside Drive in Macon.