The investigation continues in the small town of Byromville, whose population is just over 500.

Friday morning, a GBI crime lab conducted autopsies on the bodies of Priscilla Adams, Jashun Ingram and Willie Merrell. According to Special Agent in Charge JT Ricketson, Merrell's autopsy revealed how he died.

"The results of that autopsy showed that he died from a single gunshot wound to the upper torso area," said Ricketson.

But so far, he's still calling Merrell's case a death investigation.

The deaths of Adams and baby Jashun are homicides.

He also says that the gun found Thursday near Merrell's body is a rifle.

"As soon as we collected that weapon," said Ricketson, "We contacted ATF in Macon and they are currently running a trace on the serial number."

He says they haven't gotten any hits on that trace so far.

Dooly County Sheriff Craig Peavy says this case involves Byromville's first homicides in about five years and it's taking a toll on the town.

"It's devastating, it's people just scratching their head on how, 'How could it happen in my community?'" said the sheriff.

Benny Howard was born in Byromville and says he never expected a crime like this to happen in his hometown.

"You know, you go to bed, (you) leave the doors unlocked, everybody know one another here, you don't worry about no crime or nothing here," said Howard.

But after what's happened, he says he'll be locking his doors.

Sheriff Peavy says he's doing everything he can to make the people of Byromville feel safe again.

"We will not slow down until we get some answers," said Peavy.

Ricketson added that there is a history of domestic incidents at the home where Adams and the toddler were killed. He wouldn't elaborate, but said investigators are looking into it.

At this time, Special Agent JT Ricketson and Sheriff Craig Peavy are not identifying a suspect.