KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- Experts say most people aren't aware of one of the more flammable places in your home.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 3,000 fires are sparked every year by your dryer and nearly all of them, are preventable.

NBC Charlotte spoke to the owners of Environmental Cleaning Solutions, a Kannapolis-based company that can clean about anything, including dryer vents and air ducts.

Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy and Laurin have built the company from the ground up, cleaning more than 500 dryer vents and air ducts every year.

"Average cleaning time is around 30 to 45 minutes," Jeremy said.

Removing the lint from your dryer filter is easy, the only problem is even if you clean your filter, lint can seep out, filling up your dryer vent and eventually sending your house smothering into flames.

"That's the main reason you want to get a yearly cleaning done," said Laurin.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, dryer fires cause an estimated $35 million worth of property damage, 100 injuries, and five fatalities every year.

Here are the three signs it's time for an air duct/dryer vent cleaning:

  • The dryer is running hot
  • An excessive amount of lint is coming outside of the dryer, or inside or outside of the air duct
  • It takes longer than one cycle to dry your clothes

The whole process is only about $150, depending on the dryer and amount of lint buildup. Click here to learn more about having your air duct and dryer vent cleaned.