MACON, Ga. — "Just a heavy, heavy gust of wind, and we got a bunch of limbs and pine cones falling, and I thought it might be hail," says Mark Simmons. 

As gusty winds passed over Mark Simmons' work shed in his backyard in Macon, a pine tree snapped and clipped the side of the roof. 

He was inside at the time working with headphones on when he heard it crash. "Yeah, it took out a corner of the house, and it was violent," says Simmons. 

Over in Forsyth on Reedy Creek Road, several clusters of trees fell down near the road. 

According to Monroe County EMA director Matt Perry, a whole section of Highway 42 South had sporadic trees down. 

More followed on Rivoli Road in Bolingbroke and New Forsyth Road. 

In Jones County, a tree fell on a power line on Joycliff Road.

Deputies on scene said the road was blocked for over an hour until power crews showed up to remove the tree. 

Simmons says the storm came down heavy when passing through, but it was over quickly. "All the sudden, it looked still, and then it came on pretty heavy."

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