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'It just doesn't feel real:' Family mourns after 3 deputies shoot, kill Monroe County woman

Ida Stiles died Monday morning after three Monroe County Sheriff's deputies entered her home and saw her brandish a CO2 pistol according to a press release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

UPDATE: Lt. Ricky Davis with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office has identified the three deputies involved in yesterday's shooting as: Cpl. Jake Justice, Cpl. Thomas Haskins and Deputy Nicholas Ortiz.

Davis says the trio are on administrative leave with pay as the GBI investigates.


A Monroe County family is confused after learning three deputies shot and killed a woman Monday. Ida Christy Stiles died after being shot at her home on Martha Lane near High Falls Road in north Monroe County. Her family said she had a history of mental illness and this wasn't the first time deputies came to her home.

At 10:42 a.m. Monday, a GBI press release says 42-year-old Ida Christy Stiles called the 911 center in Monroe County. Her father, David Stiles, says she was stirred up.

"She just came out. She was a paranoid schizophrenic and was hearing voices. When they came up, she was scared," said Stiles.

When deputies arrived, they made verbal contact with Stiles, asking her to come to her door. Afterwards they went inside. The release says she brandished a CO2 pistol. At that point, three Monroe County Sheriff's deputies shot their guns.

"I appreciate the good job they do, but they failed me on this one. They killed my little girl. She didn't deserve this," said Stiles.

Neighbor Cindy Parrish says her husband heard the gun shots on Martha Lane.

"He heard shouting and he heard about 6 shots one right after the other go, 'pop, pop,pop,'" said Parrish.

Kenneth Barton says he can't believe his aunt is gone.

"It just doesn't feel real because we just saw her," said Barton.

The GBI says the airgun pistol was in the style of a .357 revolver.

"Even in the bad times, you still have to realize that this is your aunt. She never threatened anybody," said Barton.

David Stiles says his daughter didn't take the medication prescribed to her. He had last seen her about a week ago when he cut her grass. Right now he says he wants one thing.

"The honest truth. That's all I want, just the honest truth to come out," said Stiles.

The press release doesn't say what words were exchanged between Stiles and the deputies when she showed her CO2 pistol or if they asked her to put it down. The release also doesn't say if they airgun was pointed at the deputies directly. No deputies were injured and the investigation is still ongoing.

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