James Rountree owns Polly's La Mesa on Pio Nono Avenue.

"We have the best food, we make it fresh every day," said Rountree.

Rountree has been running the restaurant for 30 years. Every year, he has to renew his business license. Recently, he says it's been a pain.

"It seemed like it took forever, because you'd take one thing down there and they'd ask for something else, and you'd be called down there and they ask you for something else," said Rountree.

County manager Keith Moffett says they've heard the complaints.
They have an idea to make the process easier on business owners.

"For years, this community has talked about having a one-stop shop for someone wanting to start a business, and every place that wants to start a business can go there," said Moffett.

County commissioners approved of a request for quotation, or RFQ, to see if the tax commissioner's office could take that responsibility.

Currently, they have an outside company who runs the show, but if the tax commissioner's office takes over, the county could also collect that revenue.

"The real goal is to make sure we are good stewards of taxpayers' dollars and that's how we spend them and how we collect them," said Moffett.

Rountree says he's glad the county is willing to talk about changes.

"Normally, if the county, the in-house people do it, they're more aware and more efficient," said Rountree.

He hopes the higher efficiency, would mean fewer paperwork headaches.

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