When people are preparing for any weather event like hurricanes, tornadoes, or even snow, people tend to stock up on bread, eggs, and milk.

Macon resident Jerry Ketch says he won't be caught unprepared this time.

"Now when there's a threat of bad weather or snow, floods, or tornadoes, we jump right off the bat and go try to get prepared," said Ketch

Ketch recalls a big snowstorm in the '90s that caught him off-guard.

"You can walk in and all of the shelves were bare, so if you don't get it ahead of time and you try to wait until the last minute, you're going to be too late," says Ketch.

You need non-perishable items that you can find on any grocery store, such as tuna, peanut butter, trail mix, crackers, soup, and more.

If you're a parent of a newborn baby, grab supplies like diapers and baby food.

You're also need a three-day supply of bottled water, says Ketch.

Create an emergency kit with Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide, and other items.

An ice scraper can help chip off the ice from the windshield, and having a full tank of gas won't hurt.

No matter what you pick up from the store, be prepared for possibly an inch of snow.

"We see a big rush going to the grocery store because it makes people nervous. They're scared to drive in the snow," said Ketch.