MACON, Ga. — A Warner Robins woman says a man is pretending to give away cars to get money out of people. Cathryn Holbrook says she isn't a naive woman. She couldn't believe she was the victim of a car scam.

"It's so easy to become that target," said Holbrook. 

She says a man claimed he wanted to give a car to someone in need. She says he asked her to meet his son-in-law on Houston Avenue to collect $70 in gas money to transport the car.

When they later spoke, the man asked for more money for some repairs on a tow truck.

"They needed $40 more in order to get a Pulliam belt fixed on the truck," said Holbrook. 

She says the man didn't return her calls after she refused to give him more money. 

"There is somebody out there that doesn't have a vehicle for sale and is really just trying to get money from a young woman," said Holbrook. 

Holbrook learned she wasn't the only one. Wayne Preciado says the man also tried to sell a car to his daughter.

"My hopes is that we catch this guy and get him off the street before he does something to the next female or young lady that just doesn't know," said Preciado. 

Preciado posted on Facebook sharing his story. James Stewart commented saying it also happened to his cousin. 

Holbrook filed a police report with the Houston County Sheriff's Office and says she hopes a scam like this one doesn't lead to a dangerous situation. 

"Is it going to be easier just to take the woman? Is it going to be easier just to rape the woman? Is it going to be easier to do anything else that he wants to do since this was such an easy job," said Holbrook. 

Preciado says his daughter filed a police report with the Byron Police Department and hopes other people with contact local law enforcement if it happens to them. Holbrook says the man claimed he had a 1995 Honda Accord to give away.

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