You may have seen posts circulating online about UGA quarterback and Warner Robins native Jake Fromm recently visiting an old classmate in the hospital.

Her name is Annabelle Whitaker and she was recently diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease.

Chelsea Beimfohr went to the Houston Medical Center to find out what is family is asking for from the community.

Inside room #218 at the hospital, you’ll find 20-year-old Annabelle Whitaker.

Her dad, Neil Whitaker, says she was born with Smith Magenis Syndrome.

“The deck has been stacked against her from day one,” said Neil, “it’s the dismissal of the 17th chromosome.”

But that’s not why she’s lying in a hospital bed. Last week, she became dizzy while walking to class

at Houston County High.

“She tripped and fell and busted her chin open and everything,” said Neil.

The Whitakers drove to the emergency room for what they thought would be a few simple stitches.

“They did the blood and come to find out she’s had kidney problems,” said Neil.

Annabelle has no previous symptoms, so the diagnosis shocked her parents and news of the diagnosis quickly spread across social media in Houston County.

On Friday, Annabelle was surprised by none other than UGA’s starting QB and former classmate, Jake Fromm.

The pair met through a special needs program at the school when Jake was a freshman, but he’s been the first visitors of many other athletes, teachers and friends.

“He just lit her world up,” said Neil.

On Monday morning, her parents learned she needs a kidney transplant and they’re hopeful someone out there can help.

“Take a little time out of your day and say a little prayer for Annabelle that she receives the treatment that she needs and that she can come out with a normal healthy life,” said Neil.

As she remains hospitalized, a letter writing campaign has been started by a family friend.

If you would like to send Annabelle well wishes at the hospital, you can write a letter to:

Annabelle Whitaker

Houston Medical Center, Room #218

1601 Watson Blvd

Warner Robins, Ga. 31093