The last tropical storm packed a punch for Jones County. Nicole Butler checked in with one man there who says he's ready for Nate or any other storm that could ever blow his way.

George Luther is prepping for Tropical Storm Nate.

"You know, a lot of beans and rice, things that will keep over a long period of time," Luther says.

But no matter how much he preps, Luther says there's only one thing that really has him worried -- the winds.

"You know, worrying about trees falling," he says.

But he says for now he's focusing on the disasters he can avoid.

"I guess you can call me a 'semi-prepper'. I think I have between 80 and 100 gallons of potable water, roughly about 80 gallons of fuel, so we are ready," Luther says.

Using this same prep for Irma, Luther's family hardly felt its effects.

"But as I watched the news and seen what had happened and seen how many people had been displaced in the area, I offered our generators," he says.

Having three generators to spare, Luther jumped to social media to see how many people he could assist, and with dozens of responses, he says without hesitation, he got to work.

"I've needed help in my life and I've had people who helped me so I think back about that, you know, I think, 'What can I do now?' It takes a community to be strong, everybody helping each other," Luther says.

So rain or shine, Luther says he's always ready and willing to lend a hand.

Luther says he hopes Tropical Storm Nate sweeps by with little damage, but he's always ready for the worst.