Mossy Creek Middle once was home to Jake Fromm. Now the star quarterback for Georgia, Jake Fromm is the icon for sportsmanship everywhere, and his coaches can attest to that.

The morning after the national college football championship was not the best for Georgia fans.

"When I looked at my phone, I saw it was 26 to 23, and so I just turned my phone off," Mossy Creek student Chauncey Webb said.

Alabama fans are another story

The one fan we found roaming the halls said he feels great.

Regardless of the outcome, a lesson in sportsmanship was learned, with their alumni as a role model.

"People see Jake Fromm and those guys and emulate them on the field. They'll be very successful, so I think they are the true character of sportsmanship," Mossy Creek football coach Chris Martin said.

Though Georgia took a tough loss, watching Fromm and from the guidance of their coaches, students at Mossy Creek Middle truly have a good hold on the concept of sportsmanship.

"Sportsmanship to me is being able to respect another player even if they're not on the same team," student Takia Wall said.

"We have good, a positive attitude, no matter if we win or lose, because you have to hold up your teammates," Mary Helen Hartman said.

"If you want to go further in sports than everyone else you gotta have that poise, and you gotta have that good sportsmanship so everyone knows, 'Hey, I wanna have that kid on my team, " student Andrew Dunford said.

Even with the idea of sportsmanship well in place, the loss is still a disappointing one for Central Georgians everywhere.

Paulette Bennett, the Encompass Counseling and Wellness Rehab Clinical Director, advised to find the silver lining to cope.

"We're second in the country, we're better than everyone else except one other team," Bennett said.

So take the silver lining to keep the red and black pride going strong.